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The cake is a lie.
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I am currently listening to a podcast where they are discussing how things were in 1986, and now I have a #twoamericas question: When you read the words "Slippery When Wet," which do you think of first? Bon Jovi, Or The Commodores?
Bon Jovi. No idea on the Commodores connection to that title.
I was aware of the Commodores but wasn't familiar with that song (was already out of college when it came out).

I found the music industry hype for Bon Jovi to be infuriating -- 'He's just like Springsteen because he's from New Jersey! And he's pop-friendly because he focuses on the fun (meaning no serious issues)!' Another example of the hype machine rolling over far more accomplished musicians.


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Thank GOODNESS for Daylight Saving Time. My crops need rotating something FIERCE, and I was not making good use of my daylight hours whatsoever. I get so lazy during the four long months of Standard Time.