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Good! but im worried about my internet quizes and test. they are essay format but i only get 5 minutes >_< and i still havta go to the state fair before its over


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I am getting digital hearing aids this week and I didn't even have to pay for them. :p I am sooooo tired of not being able to hear.

Unless you have a "silent physical challenge" you can't possibly know how thrilled I am. :D :D :D


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I love fantasy sports.

Me and my friend joined a Yahoo league, and when the draft came, my stupid computer wouldn't let me into the draft...The computer picked Carlos Beltran, Frank Thomas, and a bunch of crap. Me and my friend both think his team is going to get first, and I am going to get last.

But after 5 trades and 18 add/drops I manipulated the team into something that I think can compete for a playoff spot, and even compete in the playoffs.

One week left to go, I was in 5th place with no playoff spot locked up. If i lose this week I fall out of the playoffs (Playing 7 seed). My team bounds together and pulls a 10-0 week off! The 10-0 week boosted me all the way up to number 2!

What makes it even better is that my friend who likes to brag a bunch, got dead last like 53 games back!

I love fantasy sports!


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My bowling season starts tomorrow. Yeah!

Downside...I finally got NBATV and the Monarchs are televised tomorrow night...and I won't be home to watch them. Bummer!!

Oh well! Life is Good!


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Mad D said:
let's see what my member status changes to with this post
Oh, you are now a Senior Member. Congratulations! Mine didn't change when I hit 100. Oh, I have a permanent title. :p


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VF21 said:
Me, too!!

Maybe we could start a poker league?

Ha! Ha! I am hooked on it as well. The new "episodes" for ESPN's WSOP are on Tuesdays, though, and I'll have to use my new DVR to get them since I am bowling during its first broadcast.


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Be sure you don't miss the Travel Channel's World Poker Tour!! It's good, too... and there's always Celebrity Poker Showdown.

With your new DishNetwork, hit "menu" then "themes and search"...then "search".

Then, type in POKER and make sure you indicate "Search all event info"...