The Wrestling Thread~


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Are they pushing War Machine, er Viking whatever? She's married to one of em. I kinda liked her but admittedly she never blew me away in ring.
They’re a couple of HHH’s guys so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them get a real push. If he can get the main roster crowds to care about them after years of McMahon booking and underwhelming performances (all around injuries to both of them) I’ll be impressed.


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The Dexter - Miz thing is still going on? lol I only watch the premium events.
Dexter wrestled the Miz for a WWE contract and the money the Biz owed him for having him stalk him and won so I think the thing is finally over for now.

I'm not sure what they do with Dexter from here since his whole gimmick is being a weird stalker guy who doesn't talk but is also a face now somehow but at least his reintroduction had its moments.