The Suns never lost a game since March, and still won't have a shot at the playoffs... WOW!

The Phoenix Suns aced it in the bubble! W-a-y beyond any other team!
They achieved a streak of 9 WINS in a row!! (including scrimmage),
and actually haven't lost a game since March...

...and yet they still won't even enter the play-in for a chance to participate in the playoffs... o_O

I feel for them. Seems unfairly harsh.
Hard to feel bad for any team who caught a bad break in the Bubble, when they could have avoided that by simply playing better during the first five months of the season.
I know a lot of people were excited about this weird bubble season because they thought maybe the Kings could sneak into the play in game or because they thought we would show better than we did, but the Suns to me show why the whole thing was stupid. How many decisions may be made over the offseason as a result of what happened in the bubble, but wouldn't have happened had the remaining season been allowed to play out in March and April. I feel it's a pretty safe bet that the eventual NBA champion this season will not be the team that would have won without a break and a bubble playoff.

although I'm going to acknowledge my own hypocrisy as the Portland Timbers won the MLS corona-tournament and I went from "f sports" to watching every game...
Ya people feeling sorry for them like what the **** who cares if you even go 21-0 and not make the playoffs. Obviously you didn’t do crap in the other games to make it