The State of the Kings

Time to rebuild?

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Not sure if there are any fans of The Office in here. But when when Vivek started blathering about his daughters basketball team after he first took over it felt like when DeAngelo Vickers took over for Michael and then started eating the cake with his hands on the first day and Dwight looks at Jim and says "uh oh". Except in this case DeAngelo stuck around and is here for the foreseeable future
really nothing is changing while Vivek and Matina are still here.
I will say this, at least Vivek had a clear grasp of what basketball is from a conceptual standpoint. People laughed at him for musical and specifically Jazz comps but he's actually right. Basketball at it's heart is all rhythm. What he doesn't understand though is your players determine what type of music you play. Also, he keeps hiring coaches that only play air drums with no lick of rhythm to them. They think the game out from the neck up. Joerger and Walton can't carry a tune to save the life. Which isn't always a bad thing. It works if your team is classic iso, physically dominant, or clock control defensive, motion play capable or something else, but that isn't the vision Vivek has ever described and that certainly doesn't describe the players he's got. In fact, the league is very monochromatic right now. It's all about talent and rhythm. The only way this can work, and in the end it still might not bring banners, but is to clear the paint, pick and roll, drive and dish, rinse, cycle, repeat. Sorry, no coach is going to go down in the books as the next Winter or Carril doing it but you might not totally suck year after year.

Speaking of Carril, there was a smart man who knew his place in the world. I read somewhere or heard that he used to joke about the use of college systems not working in the NBA as the Kings used aspects of his Princeton system. He wasn't. He created the system to beat teams with more talent at the college level. He knew what the score was in the NBA. You can't trick your way to legitimacy at this level. In fact it's built specifically to put up numbers and build stars. You can name plays this or that, run guys around in circles out of timeouts, but in the end you play to the players strengths.
State of the Kings. In my view the team has the talent to build on and our head coach is capable of getting improved play from this crew And those that he will have next season. Let us sit back and enjoy the process and play going into next season. I really enjoyed watching these guys play and improve during this last season. Go Kings, I’m with you.


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It's pretty tough to build a winning team, and all of the experience that developing winning habits entails, when you are stopped right in the middle of the lesson and put on break for months on end. I thought that us losing most of the games in Orlando was to be expected. After all, most of the teams that we played against have already built the infrastructure needed to win. As annoying as excuse making is after 15 years of losing, this season was an extraordinary circumstance. I dont think that Vlade was accounting for having to stop a season half-way through, only to restart it in July when he originally set his timeframe for building a winner in Sacramento. Hats off to him for sticking to the time frame that he gave at the onset of his stewardship, but it would have been perfectly reasonable to wait and see how the Kings performed at the end of next season.
I thought the summer season was a bit of a joke going in despite some peoples high expectations. The fact that Phoenix went undefeated and couldn't advance confirmed it.

I'm not upset about Vlade but I also wouldn't have been disappointed if people just said "the world is ending let's write off this season and the next until it's safe". Still have not watched an NBA or NHL game.