Thank you Shump

I was one of his biggest fans here, but would've never expected him to make as big of an impact as he did for this team. Wasn't here for long, but he was an amazing teammate who elevated the entire team. He'll be missed for sure
Tough lesson to learn that it truly is a business...
Him and Bjelly really at the start of the season keep us afloat/thriving by playing insane basketball, props to Shump for coming in and not dogging us (e.g Terry) and resurrecting his career his reward is now he gets to maybe win another ring in Houston and really the trade works out great for everyone.

Good things come to those that work hard thanks Shump!
Keep the scores alive. Leadership is always not taken to account for sadly. I actually liked the signing of shump earlier this year because I liked watching him in Knicks and Cavaliers (don't bang to hard on me if I'm wrong, I'm an overseas fan). Goodluck shump, pay the scores a visit once awhile, will ya.
Big thanks to Shump. Undoubtedly a big reason for the culture change this year and the great team chemistry. Fox said it himself, Shump gave them the belief that they can win every game. That's leadership.

Best of luck in Houston, Shump. You'll be missed.
Thank you Shump. Amazing how you proved your value to the team, even more so off the court than on it. You will be missed, and I'm sure we'd happily have you back if you don't mind a more minor role


Hall of Famer
thanks for bringing swag to the organization Shump, I remember when he got traded here and wasn't playing much but he was always up and cheering on his teammates with lots of enthusiasm and it was a welcoming sight.
Thank you Shump!

You will always be remembered for your toughness and giving this young team swag!

Next year, the Kings will have plenty of salary cap space and you are always welcome to come back to be a Sacramento King again!
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