Scouting Report: Travis Outlaw


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Travis Outlaw
Hgt: 6'9"
Wgt: 210
Age: 29
Number: 25
Nickname: N/A
College: Starkville High School
Yrs with Team: 2
Yrs in League: 10
Previous Teams: Portland ('03-'09); Clippers ('10); New Jersey ('10-'11)
How Acquired: amnesty 2011-12
Contract: 2013-14 $3.0mil; 2014-15 $3.0mil;
Strengths: athleticism, length
Weaknesses: shooting has cratered, ballhandling, physicality

Offense (Scoring & Passing)
Offense has completely fallen apart over the last few seasons. Shot .418 last year, and it was his best effort in 4 years. Extremely long and athletic and when he actually gets around the rim, can flush it home with ease. Unfortunately that is a rare event, as he mostly plays an inefficient midrange jumpshooting game, and his shooting has completely left him. Seems incapable of the simple act of catching and shooting, insisting almost robotically upon putting the ball on the floor, taking a few aimless dribbles, and often putting up a more contested jumper than he started with. Can shoot over people with his length, and in his Portland days was a solid 36-39% 3pt shooter, but seems to have lost that ability as well, having shot less than 30% from the arc ever since signing that big 5 year contract with New Jersey/Brooklyn three years ago. Not a ballhandler at all, but every once in a while will surprise by unleashing a slick pass for an assist.

Defense & Rebounding
With his length is able to challenge shots up high and occasionally come up with a spectacular block, but especially when played at PF, which has been far too often the last few years, has no strength at all to stand his ground in the post. Long run/jump athlete, but lateral mobility is not great. Does not compete well on the glass, is average at best even as a SF, and completely overwhelmed at PF.

Career has been spiraling and without the endless guaranteed contract he would probably be out of the league by now. Not old enough for it to be age related decline, so you have to wonder about his head, and if Nate McMillan's system was the only place he could thrive. Low basketball IQ player who looks constantly uncomfortable out there anymore. For the second season in a row suddenly strung together his biggest games of the season in the meaningless garbage games of the last few weeks, but not likely to mean much.

Stats 12-13: 11.7min 5.3pts (.418 FG% .280 3pt% .731 FT%) 1.6reb 0.6ast 0.3stl 0.2blk 0.5TO
Stats Career: 21.4min 8.8pts (.425 FG% .335 3pt% .741 FT%) 3.2reb 0.8ast 0.6stl 0.6blk 0.9TO profile[/URL]
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