[Game] Preseason Kings @ Trailblazers, 10/11/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern (No Local TV)

Thought I saw somewhere the Blazers will be significantly short handed for this one…hopefully it remains interesting throughout.
hopefully I can watch this one legally. please NBA gods?

edit: on Root sports so I think that means I have to DVR and watch it later unless I go to my mom's apartment (unlikely)
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This would be funnier if I didn't spend most of my free time in the basement and I didn't just watch the Sox blow a 5-0 lead.
Damn, I better call my dad and offer condolences haha.

Anyways, bummer Portland is resting everybody, this could have been a fun guard matchup for us tonight.


The Game Thread Dude
Yes, at least one of them. They actually changed for last year calling remotely, and I believe they brought Callabro back. But not sure if its the pre-pandemic team or just half of it.
I prefer the dude they had last season. Then again, I've hated Calabro ever since he was actively lobbying for the Kings to move to Seattle.