[Pre-season] Kings @ Clippers - Thursday, Oct. 12 - 7:30 PDT

Fox is pretty much our spark plug ain't he? Night and day without him trying to make things happen.
Him and Mason are the only prospects I totally believe in at this point.

Hield will score, but is an inefficient chucker.

I don't have a good read on Bogs yet. Seems solid.

& The bottom is falling out on our bigs.
Skal's ... Not just the body but the energy/aggression..
Recall, this was the issue at Kentucky virtually 100% of the time. Folks were imploring him that if he didn’t compete in games or practice that he was costing himself Millions with a lower draft spot, yet he failed to exert “energy/aggression”

Maybe it’s a sophomore slump. Maybe it’s who he is.
Skal is losing a lot of his shine to me. Still super young and undeveloped though. Cannot afford to give up on him (and in no way am I ready or suggesting to), but I am a little disheartened he hasn't made any noticeable improvement going into year two.
Honestly, I predicted this was going to happen. A sophomore slump similar to WCS' (though less extreme) for the first third of the season as NBA players clue in to his strengths and exploit his weaknesses.

He hasn't lost any shine to me; it's common for raw players like him and I can't give two ****s about what happens in preseason or summer league.
Zack chucking is going to be one by favorite things this season.

He's the best player out there... so go for it. Let it fly stubby ground bound big man!
He's 36; he can't sustain this level of production for more than 22 mpg. Give him 30 like I've got the suspicion he's going to get and it's not going to be pretty after 10 games. Matt Barnes anyone?
Trying to think of some positives tonight, the only thing that comes to mind is Mason looked good for a rookie & Bogdan finally was able to hit some shots.

WCS although not having a great game or anything looks like you need to at least put a hand in his face on his jumper now.
Old inefficient out of gas ZBo is probably better than whatever the hell WCS and Skal are doing out there.
Sad thing is we need points so desperately Randolph on a wooden peg leg is much needed offensively. I mean take him off the roster and I bet we average 82 points a game for the first month or so in the regular season.