[Pre-season] Kings @ Clippers - Thursday, Oct. 12 - 7:30 PDT

I still don't get the rotations. You start Jackson then banish him to the bench for the rest of the half. You only play Buddy until the 5-6 minutes mark and don't bring him back until the same number in the 2nd. With preseason almost done I'm wondering if the seat of your pants lineups are going to be the norm. If so it's going to be very hard for players to break out this year. The Kings are sitting on too much youth for their value to die on the vine.
Not enough time to set rotations yet. So much youth, training camp wasn't that long, coach needs more time.
wow...you can just tell Bogdanović is going to be a special player. He's having the time of his life right now lol Once he gets adjusted to the NBA, he's going to be a great player. Idk about superstar, but he's going to be special.
Skal's SL and preseason is making me recalibrate how I feel about his future.. Not just the body but the energy/aggression..

It's a shame Fox/Mason can't really play together due Masons height and Fox weight
Skal is losing a lot of his shine to me. Still super young and undeveloped though. Cannot afford to give up on him (and in no way am I ready or suggesting to), but I am a little disheartened he hasn't made any noticeable improvement going into year two.
I'm so sick of this poopoo happening.....Fox hurt (probably minor), Hill hurt, Bogs hurt, Giles out
I'm scared for Fox's health going forward. Is he too small? He got dinged immediately in SL and missed time, then the same exact thing in the preseason.

I'm just conditioned to expect the worst.
I wouldn't call what happened to Fox a ding. He fell straight on his tailbone from further up than any of us can get.

Bog's injury worries me. The way he reacted leads me to believe it's not good.