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Bill Simmons, die hard Boston Fan, is the creator of the Ringer. It's always going to tilt toward the Celtics. Though I think the comment in this article was an acknowledgement of that bias. Tongue in cheek.
Oh yes, I’m fully aware of the green tinted glasses as the ringer....still a fun site and great podcast content. I was listening to the nba podcast yesterday and they were actually taking Coach DJ’s comment about luka the other day seriously. Just a reminder to take national content/opinion with a grain of salt (on the Kings specifically or any team in general).
Zach Lowe spent 20 minutes on the Kings in his latest podcast. He did a good job and was very positive. Complimentary of Fox, Hield, Bogdan and Bagley.

Thinks trying to get Otto Porter would be a mistake. Overpriced for what you get. Thinks Shump and Bogdan are a better value at that spot and Porter is not a big enough upgrade to pull the trigger.
Oleh Kosel @OlehKosel
Remember the bust talk or Pels were dumb for not choosing Jamal Murray? Buddy Hield's December averages: 23.5 PTS, 4.3 REB, 4.5 3PT and 2:1 AST/TOV ratio. His season 59.5 TS% only bested by 9 players averaging 15+ shots a game including Steph, Harden, LeBron, Dame, Giannis.

Oleh Kosel @OlehKosel
New Orleans Pelicans look to regroup against upstart Sacramento Kings, featuring one of the best shooters in the game — Buddy Hield…