[NEWS] Disney to buy Marvel


I feel some kind of way about this list including a villain, a guy who got murked in his first appearance, and a guy whose power is, "chauffeur," but no Captain Marvel, no Sif, no Heimdall, no Warriors Three, No Wong, or any Wakandans not named T'Challa. Hell, not even Mantis.
Agreed. $7 on Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Dr. Strange. Remaining $8 to page Captain Marvel, and take a peremptive flyer on Magik.

Apparently the power to get "all the cheeseburgers in the world" makes you a second-tier superhero in the MCU.
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How is Vision only $1 ok I am all in on team $7. I'd probably grab Thor and Loki with the other 8. Are you kidding me with that kinda value? Is someone dumb enough to take Cap, Iron Man and Black Widow???