[NBA] Deadline Daaaaay!

Listening to the NBA trade deadline program on NBATV and they are reporting on the mess in Philly. Apparently Al Horford is on record admitting that there are definitely locker room problems on that team. WOW.
"Poor IT"? He's probably about to get him a ring, in four months.
HAHA. Yeah, didn't even think about that. Although it's gonna be hard beating the other LA team with all the sympathy calls help they're gonna get.

Was only thinking about how many teams have moved him.

I just looked it up and this will be his EIGHTH different team. Nearly 1/3 of the league.

5th Western Conference team.
4th Pacific Division team

Just needs to find his way to GSW to cover all the bases in CA. And Portland to cover the entire West Coast.
So essentially the Knicks got like...the 31st pick in this upcoming weak draft for Morris? Horrible.
How is that horrible? This is exactly what a bad team should be doing. Signing decent vets to smaller contracts then flipping them to contenders for future assets. There's a lot to make fun of the Knicks for, but using their cap to acquire cheap cost-controlled young talent isn't one of them.

Kings should have done something very similar with Bjelica, but apparently injuries are the only reason we aren't in the playoffs right now or something.
Can someone explain WTF Detroit just did with that Drummond trade?

They got:
Brandon Knight
John Henson
2nd round pick

for DRUMMOND? That's it? That's all they could get for Andre Drummond?
All expiring contracts. For a player that has a 28M player option next season that you know he'll exercise.

So it's obviously a salary dump for DET. They clearly are looking to position themselves for FA in 2020 or 2021.

That's all I can come up with for you.