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Indeed. They had similar type of players when they were making the Postseason year in and year out with Deron Williams, Millsap and Boozer.
Williams at one point was the best PG in the NBA for a season or 2 and Boozer/Okur were both All-Stars plus AK47 who was DPOY freak type that teams talent surpassed this Jazz team by a long way they just ran into the Lakers when the Lakers were insane.

The frontline of the Jazz of Kelly/Lauri/Vanderbuilt/Kessler (has been insane lately) has been amazing imo. If I i'm the Jazz I am making moves for KD/Butler/Bam/whoever else using Conley and their picks

They remind me of that Bud coached Atlanta team with Teague/Korver/Carroll/Milsap/Horford where they all peaked at the same team but had no star to beat Miami with the big 3.

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I've been watching this Nets/Clippers game on the alternate "Courtvision" broadcast, trying to figure out whether this color analyst is Mike Fratello, or somebody doing a ****ty Mike Fratello impression. Despite Doctor Internet telling me that Fratello only does color for the Clippers part-time, and only when they're on the road, I think it's him.
TIL Greg Papa used to be the Spurs PBP guy?
From Wikipedia...

Papa was a member of the Indiana Pacers' television and radio broadcasting team from 1984 to 1986.[7] Then, he moved west and from 1986 to 1997, he was the radio announcer for the Golden State Warriors (including the famous "Sleepy Floyd Game," where Warrior Sleepy Floyd scored 51 points against the Lakers in a playoff game).[8] From 1997 to 2000, Papa became the lead announcer on the San Antonio Spurs' telecasts. During this span, he was also the television play-by-play announcer for the Oakland Athletics with Ray Fosse from 1991 to 2003.[2]

TIL along with you...:p:p:p
Pokusevski turning into AK47 is an unexpected turn, him playing C/PF instead of SF/SG has helped him heaps he still has his JaVale McGee moments where he spaces out and does something silly. 16/14/3 blocks vs Celtics best all around game of his career imo also shooting % has gone up to 36% from 3 and 44.6% overall up 5-6% from his overall career so far. I looked on the Thunder forum and they were saying his defense at the rim is statistically Clint Capela level.......Last 4 games all double figures on above 50% shooting from the 3 and 4 steals 10 blocks.

Would look really good next to Sabonis......
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