[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (NOV)

MPJ could miss the season with his back issue. That is not ideal for Denver.
This is horrible for them. Another team that doesn't at all deserve the hand they're dealt but with MPJ it was something that was a huge question mark to begin with. Came in with back issues, always looked a little stiff on the court. Bad combo to be so willing to give that kind of deal.
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So Lebron gets 1 game for a closed fist punch to the face and Stewart gets 2 games. Lame.
Considering Isaiah Stewart basically bulled his way through every player, coach, and referee on the floor in an attempt to take a swing at Lebron or eventually just anyone in a Lakers jersey, he should probably be happy he only got suspended for 2 games. And considering Lebron is who he is, it was a minor miracle he even got that 1 game suspension. The next time the Lakers play the Pistons it's going to be showtime though, Lebron might want to sit that game out.
The King smacked a guy in the face hard enough to make him bleed all over the place. I have watched Isaiah Stewart at UW and known him to be an honest player that plays hard. He did not back down from James at all. That may be why James got so upset. People talk about how the league is soft, but I don't think so. James had better watch his back trail. A strong public apology would be a start.