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Pretty sure the same people calling for Monte’s head for not trading Barnes for Nesmith would be calling for Monte’s head had we ended up getting Nesmith on the team. The dude just does not seem to have it.
I don't think it's that they are Kentucky guys that unites them, it's that they are "big men" who don't play like big men but get treated by the NBA media as the best big men in the association. I don't pretend to speak for Slim but big men, kinda his thing.
so then I ask, what is an ideal big man supposed to play like in this era? Joel Embiid? Nikola?


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Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. is dealing with a nerve issue in his back that could jeopardize his season, league sources told The Denver Post.

The Nuggets have been vague about specifics of the injury and when Porter might be expected back. They have given him a timeline of a week to show improvements before considering other treatment options. Another back surgery is a possibility, sources said.

Porter botched a layup attempt in the first quarter against Houston on Nov. 6, exacerbating a back injury that he’s had all season. He has not played since then.

The Nuggets signed Porter to a five-year max contract in late September. A large portion of the contract – $145 million – is guaranteed.

Through nine games this season, Porter was averaging just 9.9 points on only 36% shooting from the field. He was connecting on only 21% of his 3-pointers so far this season, too.
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