[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)


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Forget the NBA. Doc's first cup of coffee as head coach hasn't even gotten cold yet and they make him the All-Star coach? Hell might as well vote for Victor for MVP based upon the body work he's going to play in the future...
And from Finalist contender Phily just got scared for top 6 place ...
Sad new for the game , he was having a great season so far ....
Buck must be so happy ....
That they did not start the season with All Star material as a coach ...
13-40 , that must be the worst quarter by profesianal team ever ...
Even Denver did not have suvh ....
OKC had 5 players with 20+ versus the Raps, that's unheard of
I think SGA having just 3 free throws (in 48 minutes of play, Thunder 8/8 in total as a team) also doesn't make sense. Thunder shot 23/63 3 pointers (not such a high volume 3 point team) another odd thing for them.


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He didn't play at all finally (there was information later that he was ruled out, has a player ever missed a game due to a headache before? People in social media write that it might be connected with a potential trade.

a headache can absolutely ruin your entire day if it isn't taken care of so I can sympathize on that one, no appetite, no desire to do anything, you just want to close your eyes and do nothing
Utah Jazz with a monster comeback to drop Eastern All Star Head Coach Doc Rivers to 1-3.

Joe Prunty was 2-1 as interim Coach. Adrian Griffin was 5-1 in his last 6.

They are in the middle of a road trip but two of the 4 losses are to under .500 teams (Blazers being the other).

They should find another all star coach or let Adrian Griffin do it. To his credit I don't think Doc is thrilled about being given the assignment either.


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lol Gobert almost intentionally fouled Caruso into game winning free throws with 2 seconds left in a tied game for some reason