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Yea with LaVert his injury looked Gordon Hayward level horrible. I was shocked when they said it was only a dislocation.

But I was even more shocked to see that he would return this year. Good for him, he's developing into a nice player.
I'm doubtful that the Clippers' trades will make them more competitive this year, or were really meant to, so am hoping they'll quietly abandon the #8 slot, starting tonight. Go Celtics!
Is this the most stacked the NBA has ever been? There are so many good teams in the league now and even some of the bad teams are loaded with young talent. I wonder if analytics is the driving force? The NBA is on the verge of a major boom with it’s global growth and the NFL trending downward.
That team doesn't quit. They'll continue to fight.
Yeah, if they couldn't even lose last night's game, I'm a lot less hopeful about the playoffs. We'll be playing them again after another six games, but our schedule makes a 2-4 outcome look very possible, while theirs looks more like 4-2 or even 5-1. I'll take consolation from the thought that the Lakers probably can't catch up with them either.

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Miami had to hit 18 three pointers to make it a game versus Oakland....glad they decided to make those against the Warriors and not the Kings
Reminds me of something that Rebecca Lobo said on Wednesday: you pretty much have to play your best game against Golden State, and hope that they also take the night off.
Trae Young seems to be looking good. Still taking all the shots he wants, but now putting up decent points per game and assists.
Yea he's looking better. Shot selection is still questionable like you said but he's improving. Coming out of college I thought for sure he would be a chucker, but he's more of a playmaker than I figured.
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