[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (DEC)


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Curry's return to the court is spoiled courtesy of the Pistons. Sixth straight road losses for the Dubs now :eek:. Hopefully they continue to slump all season because then the NBA championship would be as wide open as I can ever remember.


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D'Angelo with the dumbest end-of-game execution I can remember this season. Takes a contested jumper with ten seconds left on the clock with only three seconds of game clock differential. Jesus.


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36-9 in the Kings game

34-9 in the Blazers game

holy cow, if that isn't the most unwatchable team in the last couple of years, then the Sixers pre-Embiid and Simmons would like a word
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Hearing Greg Popovich moan about the "modern" NBA is hilarious it's basically a translation for " basketball is not as fun when you don't have three of the most unselfish competitive stars of all time and a two way phenom as coach". Either adapt or be quiet.
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What a joke. They called a foul on the jump ball. The JUMP BALL!!!!!

If Harden is going to act like he gets punched in the face every time he gets touched players should start actually doing it.
It would be ideal if the Rockets don't make the postseason so then NBA fans wouldn't have to watch a series of flopping from Harden & Paul

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NBA TV is reporting a three-team trade:

MIL receives: George HIll, Jason Smith, a "future" 2nd (fm WAS)
CLE receives: Matthew Dellavedova, John Henson, 2021 1st and 2nd (fm MIL)
WAS receives: Sam Dekker