Monarchs FOLD =(


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I feel for you guys and will miss going to games with you, 6th, and meeting up after the games with the posse. :(
Hoping they can keep the team together.

Well, I'm really hoping that they get it together in time and can move our team to the Bay Area. I'm sure members of the posse will be traveling down for some Saturday night games (at least). I hope you know, hoopsie, that you will always be welcome to join us.
One of the main rules of has always been "don't be a jerk." Apparently, at least one person can't read or doesn't think it applies in this situation.

NEWS BRIEF: It DOES apply in this situation. Certain people who have their own radio shows are free to say whatever they like on said radio shows. It doesn't carry over to here. For that reason, a couple of posts have been deleted.
Appreciate that. I had also taken my conversation with a certain individual to PM in addition to making the public response because it deserved one because that someone CLEARLY has lost sight of the human side of things and civility.
Well, I certainly apologize. My comments were obviously taken as insensitive and that is competely my fault.

I assumed (never a good thing) that in light of my comments in the past about not being a particular fan of the league, that it would be pretty hypocritical to come in here and not at least identify myself to those who were newer that I was not a fan.

Sandwiched between a couple of attempts at obviously misguided humor were sincere and heartfelt feelings about the players, and employees. That was the main point of the post. Whether or not I, or others, enjoyed the game, there were a lot of good people associated with the league, both on and off the floor. Yes, I have several friends that are affected by this, and I made sure to speak to each one when I heard the news.

Isnt it ok to be honest about how I felt, yet still appreciate the amount of effort put into the product? I obviously didnt communicate that properly, and I again apologize.

What I said about the fans, I meant.....I guess it just came out wrong. I may not have understood why you were fans, just as there are TONS of people that don't get all my stupid MMA and UFC coverage. Believe me, i get what its like to push for a sport, and have people laugh at you. I guess taking into account that the pain is still fresh, and the sometimes unforgiving nature of words on the internet, I didnt communicate that well enough.

And Monty, I couldve sworn I posted here after I caught the game. I know I talked about it on my show. I said I saw a bunch of good people watching a game I personally couldnt get into.

I've reread my post about 30 times while writing this, and I see the same thing:

1. Agreeing with a fellow poster's assesment as to a core reason why it happened.

2. Re-emphasizing my opinion so I wouldnt seem hypocritical (again identifying myself as a person who criticized the league)

3. Establishing that regardless of what I thought, I had respect for the players, employees, and fans that worked so hard to keep this league going.

4. An obviously sorely misguided attempt at humor that was in no way meant to offend, but did.

I don't know how many times I can Mea Culpa, but I'll try again. I'm not the guy who will just laugh at his keyboard and write it off, I really do feel bad.

I'm sure I'm opening up myself for an even bigger *** kicking, but the only other thing I can offer other than my apologies is an invite to anyone who wishes to have a forum to state his or her thoughts/feelings about the demise of the franchise, at any point you want to call my show. Feel free to identify yourselves as members here, and I promise a forum free of ridicule, comedy, or any other hijinxs.

And don't worry, one night or two of phone calls will not in any way affect my ratings, so you won't be feeding the beast :)

So, I hope I have at least in part communicated my apologies. I don't know what else to say. Let me just once again express:

My respect for the fans

My respect for the players and people that have been displaced

My respect for other people besides myself that work hard for a sport either not liked by the masses or misunderstood by the masses ( Again, I can relate)

My hope that we can at least agree in our love of the kings.

Or, if it makes you feel even a little bit better, clobber me. I'll wear it.


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Okay, AFAIC, apology accepted. Hopefully, this can be the end of it.

My friends, please feel free to continue to post your feelings on the subject of the loss of our team. It really does break my heart. I guess that feeling can be expected from rabid fans. And, no one could ever accuse Sacramento fans of being anything less than enthusiastic.


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Okay, one more word here from me (as moderator):

At this point, an infraction has been issued, some posts deleted and an apology tendered. I know Dave, and I think he's being sincere in the mea culpa. I'd like to recommend strongly that we just let it go... I know feelings are very raw about this and I don't want this to turn into something it didn't start out to be.

Thanks, all, for understanding. If you want to continue to berate Dave via PMs, or by calling his show, I say go for it. But let's not do it here. This forum has meant too much to too many to have it deteriorate now.

I'm not sure I can add much more to this thread, but I just wanted to just lay my thoughts down. Even if the team relocates there will be nothing like the atmosphere at Arco. So many passionate fans. A team that gave it everything they had. Watching the Monarchs at Arco was a great way to spend time with family and friends during the summer. I'm gonna miss that...

I'll admit that I was worried about the Monarchs future during the season. The Kozimor firing was the thing that really made me raise an eyebrow. Seeing how they scaled back operations at Arco made me a little nervous too. I know none of us are surprised that this happened, but it just feels like it was done wrong. Completely wrong.

I've been following the league since its inception and have been going to Monarchs games since 2001. I've been a STH since 2004. Tons of great memories. 2005 was electric from start to finish and I had never experienced anything like it. I'm so thankful I was able to witness that great run.

I live in the bay area and it would be great if the team relo'd to the bay, but it will be VERY tough to recapture the magic that was at Arco. Even though it was a crappy arena in the middle of nowhere, the team and the fans made that place incredible. I'll miss it.


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Here's the deal... People can't have it both ways. If you want this thread to be a mourning thread for the Monarchs, which I think is what it is and should be, then keep it that way. CD made an error in judgment which he more than apologized for. I removed the posts in question from the thread so it could return, as was requested, to what it's original intent was ... for Monarchs fans to mourn the loss of a big pat of their lives.

It's not fair for people to continue to make comments to Dave, especially after A MODERATOR of this board has stepped in and attempted to set things back on course.

If you want to argue about the WNBA with Dave, feel free to do so... Call his show. He's said he'll allow you to speak your piece without interruption or ridicule. Or send him vehement emails of protest if you choose. But please, allow the horse to stay dead around here. I cannot lambast him - or anyone else - for doing something and then have the argument brought up again. He's pretty much promised not to continue in that vein so baiting him with more comments here isn't fair.

I hope I've explained this because I do see both sides of the issue.

Thanks all for understanding.
... it will be VERY tough to recapture the magic that was at Arco. Even though it was a crappy arena in the middle of nowhere, the team and the fans made that place incredible. I'll miss it.
sigh ... i've always loved the games at arco ... true, it was a humble abode ... reminded me of a barn actually ...

but i came there to see a game, not be dazzled by the facilities ... the basic, simple, nature of the arena was always a plus for me ...

and the fans were always fun to be around ... i'll even miss the halftime stroll around the lobby ... ; (
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Sorry folks. I've been very busy the last few weeks. I just wanted to drop a word of sympathy on the loss of your team. That sucks.
While I can understand the position from a financial point of view... this is one of those things that just hurts on so many different levels. Like many, I wasn't a huge fan of the leauge, but it is truly a sad day when any franchise, much less one of our own folds. Best of luck to the ladies, and here's to hoping the bay area can take them in.
You know, going to a Monarchs game was more of an event than going to a Kings game. I remember all of the passionate fans getting up and clapping at the drop of a hat, alot of interesting extracurriculars going on, and I was impressed by the general accessibility of the players. If you weren't entertained by the play of the team, there was always someone of strong opinion to strike up a conversation with nearby. It really was like attending a college game or minor league baseball game, the main event became the atmosphere. It would be interesting to attend a game at Oracle Arena, as a fan of their new team, to witness their passion and meet new fans (assuming the Monarchs move to Oracle).

Here's to hoping.
This is too bad. Just as I begin to warm up to the idea of supporting the team in the Bay, it looks like our team is going to break up.:(

Dispersal Draft Projection
New York - Nicole Powell
Minnesota - Rebekkah Brunson
San Antonio - Hamchetou Maiga Ba

After that, i have no idea

If Ticha returns to the league my guess is that she will sign with Los Angeles Sparks. They need a veteran point guard. And i would think Ticha would want to stay as close to Sacramento as possible at least for 2010.

I do not know where Kara Lawson would end up. Just my guesses would be Conneticut (Close to ESPN), Los Angeles (Close to Sacramento), Washington (Hometown) or Atlanta (Close to Angel :))
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Purple Reign;685567 said:
...If Ticha returns to the league my guess is that she will sign with Los Angeles Sparks. They need a veteran point guard. And i would think Ticha would want to stay as close to Sacramento as possible at least for 2010...
Ticha, who is an unrestricted free agent, wrote on her Twitter page that if the Monarchs franchise winds up in the S.F. Bay Area, she might sign up with them. But if the team is dispersed, she will likely leave the WNBA.

For some reason, it is hard for me to picture her being with the Sparks. I'm not saying that she won't do it, but it just doesn't seem right that she wears the uniform of any other WNBA team other than the Monarchs. :(