Managerial decisions cost Kings last two games.

In Boston with 5.7 seconds left and down by just one the play that is drawn up is for Bogdan to handle the rock and take a contested three, even though he stunk all night, when the play is clearly a bucket or a foul either get a bucket going to the rack or get fouled with two free throws to win it. Last night you have Statue of Liberty defense from Beli and some of the worst shooting of the year and you're still sticking with those that are failing to produce and you have a deep and hungry bench. Each time he did go to the bench the lead just stay with them right? It's lazy cou


The Game Thread Dude
Ummmm, you mean "coaching" decisions? Kind of hard to take you seriously with a title like that.
At the very least, it's comforting that Walton's been a good enough coach that his decisions have spawned a thread like this as opposed to the general "Everything is burning" suffering posts of the first five games of the season.