Looking at Bagley and Haliburton...

Being a Kings fan sometimes can make you forget certain things and think them luxuries. But watching Haliburton, I am once again reminded that it can be easy like that.

Your star player can be on the same page with your team. He can be successful under the team's strategy and gameplans.

It doesn't have to be a marriage of convenience like some of our previous and current star players.
As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve seen more promise and consistency from Haliburton through 4 games than any other semi-recent KINGS 1st round selection not named Swipa the Fox. And even Swipa didn’t start out so well.

There’s something different about the kid. I sure hope his career takes off and flies.

As for MB3 — again, we can only hope. But it sure isn’t looking as good as Haliburton.
The good ones flash early for sure. Even during Fox's rookie year, by the second half of the season, he was flashing.

Three years in, Bags is sure giving off a whole lot of WCS vibes. Unicorn athleticism, off the court artistic interests, measures their game by looking at offensive stats only, and defense is an afterthought. Vlade had a type for sure.
I bashed Bags a bit in another thread so I’ll keep this post positive.

Haliburton is the truth. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a rookie since Cousins (Fox didn’t wow me at all in year 1)!

I can’t wait until he’s back on the court. He may very well be in the running for ROTY by the time this season wraps up.

Good fit with Fox, wants to be here, BBIQ off the charts, plays both ends of the court, some nasty in him.... he probably checks a bunch of boxes I’m forgetting right now too!
Rese is a heads-up player. Looking at players like Mitchell Robinson with 2 assists and Kelly Oubre with 3 assists (for the season) just reinforces what team-first players do to help teams win. He has elite court vision and hopefully can be a second star on this team.

Players like Cojo, GR III, and Bagley are dead ends on the offense. I would consider cutting Bagley some slack if he actually got in position to rebound the ball, but he doesn't. I think Metu is a better player at the current moment. He fights for boards, looks for teammates, has better hands (for close passes), and can stretch the floor with his 3pt shooting. I would much rather see Whiteside or Metu get some serious minutes and really give his dad something to complain about. Christian Wood absolutely destroyed Bagley two games ago. I don't see how Walton did not see that and try another player (namely Whiteside or Metu).
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Haliburton is good enough to soften the sting when we don't get fair value back for Buddy and Bagley. At least we will have an enthusiastic, talented, high IQ, durable core couple of guys in Fox and Haliburton and go from there.