[Game] Kings vs. Jazz, 11/20/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

Aside from the game thread, what else is it time for?

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The Jazz don't have a ton of great defensive talent but they are smart. They know exactly what the Kings are trying to do. They are making every pass back out to Metu/Barnes a test via the passing lanes.
Mike Conley is averaging 13.2 ppg this year.

Against the Kings he scored 17 and 30 and has 12 already.
The Kings refuse to pressure and switch pick and roll. Every single pick and roll the Jazz run leads to an open shot either directly around the screen or off of a single pass.
Won't keep saying it, but Fox is SOO passive defensively. Compare his defensive posture out there to his teammates'.

PLS sit his a$$!
Yet, when he's pressuring or attacking the dribble like he did on Rudy he's not so bad. Hmmm.... what's the connection here.
Luke calls out the play, high post to Holmes. Results in turnover. It's the little things that add up. 3 bungles a game on that particular play is a big difference over time.
Yeah, playing SMART shouldn't be too much to ask, but I swear: PLAY. HARD. That should be bare minimum. W/one exception, the guys are playing CONSISTENTLY hard so far tonight. Very nice to see Richaun back in that regard.
Kings have had some bad defensive sets and good defensive sets.....they're at least showing a pulse this game on effort. To climb the mountain we'll need to see the sweat Fox had......cant hide sweat.