[Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 1/20/21, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

OK you know what, grow some ****s Monte. If I were the Kings GM and I see my coach playing my 100 million dollar man in garbage time where he can get hurt for no reason let alone do it more than once your butt is gone in a very screamy, ugly, embarrassing fashion and in person.
this is the first time imo, the team as a whole played really lazy and had poor body language this season in the mid 4th quarter

Yeah, maybe the whole team although they are still amazingly playing for themselves at certain points. It actually happened first about 7 games back. And so far it's led to them subsequently becoming the worst defensive team in history.
Some have floated the idea of replacing Buddy with Hali in the starting lineup - well you got your wish with this 5 star lineup right here