[Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 1/20/21, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

I still hope not, but I think Monte might have missed his window anyway. You can't let a team continue to lose like this 7 games after they already gave up on the coach in a very clear and direct message. It's just mind games at this point. Brief flashes of effort before their reality sets back in.
Dude, you'll miss 3 minutes of Woodard and Guy! It's what we all live for these days, hahaha.
What is the point, Woodard will come in scared of Walton, once again throw some few air balls. Ramsey seeing that will do the same. Guy peaked at the preseason - Tyreke Evans rookie year of preseason peak. Whiteside in the dog house, Bjelica can't play. Buddy is doing 180 fadeaway one legged floaters. Cory Joseph trying to move his feet on defense like deer on ice.

This team, damn.

Down bad.

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The problem with Walton is that he's not a terrible coach, but he's not a good one either. He's just so middling and uninspiring. Bland, boring etc... Need to see someone new.
Well...I mean...look at it this way:

Excluding his rookie year, LeBron has finished under .500 one time.
Excluding his first two years, LeBron has missed the playoffs one time.
In the last ten years, LeBron has missed THE NBA FINALS one time.

I'll give you three guesses as to who coached that team, and the first two don't count.