[Game] Kings vs. Bulls, 1/6/2021, 7pm PST, 10pm EST


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Me reading all the hot takes on Kings Twitter over the last week.

Awards Time*

*In a game in which most of the team aside from two or three players played like hot garbage, most of the normal awards have temporarily been excised from the list.

Luke Walton Vacuum Cleaner Award - Luke Walton. Between the leaving the vets in the game until midway through the 4th quarter and the entire team coming in so unprepared for the game that you'd assume they thought the game was actually supposed to happen on Tuesday, it was not a well-managed game even by Luke Walton standards. Add in the awkward press conference answers and Luke's Dyson crown is safe for yet another game.

Participation Trophies - De'Aaron Fox and Harrison Barnes, who for the majority of the game seemed to be the only two players on the Kings remotely interested in playing basketball. They didn't exactly have great games but at least they tried, which is more than I can say for the next award winner on the night.

Jason Hart- Andres Nocioni - the rest of the rotation.

Tony Delk Memorial Award - Mychal "Fox" Mulder. In all honesty, almost every Warrior wound up having a great night so it was hard picking just one guy but as a child of the nineties, I sorta want him to end up on the Kings one day so we could run a Fox Mulder backcourt and I could unload X-Files puns all game. Will that ever happen? The truth is out there.

Chris Webber Get Well Soon Award - Tyrese Haliburton. Please come back soon and never get hurt again.

Tonight's opponents are the Bulls, who started off the season playing like the Kings are now before playing like the Kings played to start the season to win 3 of 4. Appearing to have come up against a bit of a COVID-19 crisis, the Bulls currently have four different guys in quarantine, including Lauri Markkanen, who some here once insisted was better than De'Aaron Fox. Former Vlade crush Zach LaVine is having a really hot start to the season.

Rosterwise, this game should be completely winnable. The Bulls have a good coach in Billy Donovan and the Kings have Luke Walton. Who knows? If Tyrese is back, maybe we win. Or maybe we lose by 30 again.

Forgive me for this being a short one. I am watching the news while writing this and also the T key on my laptop is starting to break. Plus, what sane person would write more about that Warriors game? Go Kings!

Health update:


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I believe that gif is from Terminator.

If the Kings get blown out in this one, the pressure is going to mount on Walton and possibly a sign the team is starting to tune out Walton
The games will go on - otherwise "the terrorists win".

Re: Kings

I WANT To Believe - but I just can't (my best friend took them over 28 1/2 for the season, but I couldn't do it).


The Rockets seemingly can't get Harden traded.

And IF they would accept OUR two problems (Buddy, Baggy) in exchange, we would instantly be a playoff contender.

Houston would also want #1 pick(s), but I guess I'd hold firm at "2 4 1 0 picks").

At least they would be showing some effort instead of just playing pickup ball - go go co jo.

It's all on Buddy tonight - if he holds Zach under 40 ,we win 118-116. Anything worse and oh no co jo.


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This game is basically do or die. This is another team that Waltons big lineup can actually matchup with. I expect a little pride to push off the eventual changeover and if not... well, things might come a little earlier.
Haliburton plays, kings will win. Haliburton is out and the Kings will lose. That simple plus Bulls have the worse defense in the league.


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Haliburton plays, kings will win. Haliburton is out and the Kings will lose. That simple plus Bulls have the worse defense in the league.
Not so sure about that after watching us the last few games.

Bulls have won 4 of last 5 including wins against Dallas and Portland in last 2 games.
Tony Delk Award (update from W's game):

presented to Kelly Oubre

3PS coming in: 2/30

vs. Kings: 4/6

BeLATEed Badges presented to Barnesy, Beli, Buddy and Baggy:

Started combined 0-14 before actually arriving at arena.
Halibut is playing tonight!

This'll be a fun game. Two young teams with interesting players. Watched the Bulls last night and they look like they've got a nice young squad. Billy Donovan has them playing hard.


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Bulls with a solid road win in Portland last night and I think they carry that momentum over to the Kings game....with Hali back I'd like to hope that he will give the Kings a fighters chance to hang around, the W will be the icing on top