[Game] Kings vs Blazers - Tuesday, Jan. 1 - 6:00PT/9:00ET - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


What a 2018 our team has given us. I describe it with one big IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, YOU DON'T KINGS BASKETBALL!!

Temporary no whining rule in effect this game, about past losses, etc. Let's keep it positive unless of course the refs start ****ing us over, or any number of other legitimate reasons. Anyway, going for the goofy fun vibe on this holiday. It's a whimsical one. I'm ready for some fun basketball... and...


For your viewing pleasure I've pulled from the archives a Bogi tape to get you in the holiday basketball mood...

The Blazers like to play a half court offense and rank 3rd in the league in rebounding.

On this 4 game home stand we have Por/Den/Gs and Orl. I would like to see us win this one and Orl ( who are playing better than last season) to at least be 2/2 in this stretch. We have a good run of mediocre to bottom level teams coming up after this stretch. With SAS getting a little mojo lately, if we want to stay in the hunt, tonight would be a good time to get on track for the rest of the season.

Run them out of the gym I say!


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the Blazers have lots of size that will give the Kings fits on the glass. The Kings can't afford to have both McCollum & Lillard have big games, only one of them and they give themselves a chance here. Marvin please get better quickly, the Spurs & Rockets are creeping up the standings and the Kings can't afford to get too far behind in the standings if they want to make some hay.
Buddy should go off in this one....

Would be a huge game for JJ to step up or Bjelly to find the touch, the battle of the forwards should be interesting, players like Mo Harkless and Al Farouq Aminu have a significant size, length and mobility advantage. Shumpert is gonna have his hands full.
IIRC.... Dame torched the hell out of Fox last season.

It'll be fun to see if our guy gets the better of him this year! Either way, I can see both of these cats going off tonight!

Nurkic.... I worry about. He is one of those bruiser types that always seem to get WCS off his game. I'd be happy to be wrong though!

Go Kings!
Fresh off the new year, let's see what these boys can do! This should be a solid matchup and I really hope WCS comes out with a bang. I feel like his presence inside will be the deciding factor. Mitigate offensive rebounds, lots of solid PnRs and if Buddy, Shump or JJ can get hot we will win.


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hey, what do ya know, Bogdan guarding PF. Me like a lot. Looks like Draymond out there. Guarding up a position is where he can be special.
I ask this not to bash or anything just to confirm or not, but has he noticeably lost a step to anyone else?
I was just thinking this.

He is pushing 30. A big dude like him having a shorter prime isn't really unheard of. It could also be the increased pace this season.

Kosta has has himself good games this year, but he doesn't seem nearly as consistent as he was last season.