[Game] Kings v. Rockets - Wednesday, Feb. 6 - 7PT/10ET

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Sorry if I'm stepping on @VF21 or @Tetsujin toes in creating a game thread for tonight, but it's less than an hour away from game time and no thread yet! I think we're all too busy discussing trades.

Let's get geared up for tonight and beating the beard!

What do you guys think our chances are tonight? Can the KINGS win their 8th home game in a row and 4th overall??
It's certainly winnable. I'd like to think all games are winnable nowadays. But, like the Clips, the Rockets have been a difficult match up for the KINGS.

Let's go get one tonight!
I'm actually thinking Justin Jackson starts, but in the same fashion as Belly.

Comes out, plays like 4-5 minutes, gets subbed out and sees limited floor time after that.


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this will be one of those frustrating games with Harden's 15 three pointers, Paul's flopping and Houston's 50 three point chuck fest.

Harden goes for 50
It's amazing how well he's played since pretty much getting picked up exclusively because the entire Rockets roster aside from Harden was injured.
I never understood why every team soured on him in teh first place. Guy was piling up rebounds and playing with energy with the Nuggets. He was known as the "Manimal". Then he disappeared.
Tonight is going to be an extraordinarily weird night for Shump. Guy is going to be sitting on the Rockets bench, staring at his old teammates from a distance, and rooting against them on the court. Guys he was just practicing with 3 hours ago.
We get to see Buddy vs the best SG in the NBA... This should be fun... Already a great day for Kings fans with the trade. Reinforcements are on the way!!! TY Vlade!!!
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