[Game] Kings V Denver - 1/3/19 - 7 PM PST

Must slow Nicola Jokic. Given our job on Jusuf Nurkic on New Years day you would suspect this may be difficult. Kosta will be significant in this one.

Our guard play has gone from strength to strength and we are at home. Bring on the challenge.
So I hear we have a home game tonight. Do we see a team that’s worked to shore up some flat spots we have had the last week or so?

Do we see Giles inserted into the game with the early substitution’s to add some quickness in the front court and energy.
I hope we have a good game against a tough opponent but we are at home and that’s the place to start a winning streak before we head out on the road soon.

Go kings!!!
He’s going to go “Anything you can do, I can do better” with his old running buddy Nurkic.
If this happens, I will officially try out for the Kings center position. I’d rather tackle the opposing center than let them be the first ever to get 20-20-5-5 or whatever it was.
20 20 watch for Jokic
Dude could easily end up with that plus the triple double, he's the best passing big in the league. I believe he had a 15 assist game recently.

And let's just say I'm not exactly confident in WCS's (or really any of our bigs) ability to slow anyone down these days.

Joker is gonna get his for sure, but this should still be a fun game! Probably going to be a high scoring affair.

Fox and Buddy have been kinda hit and miss lately. I wanna see a good game from both of those dudes. Lord knows this team will need it against the Nugs!

Go Kings!
The Kings will trade those 3's by Bjelly and concede the rebounding advantage.. thats how it is... thats the plan. if u dont like the plan complain about the FO or the coaching.. the personnel, ya'll wanna squeeze blood from a stone...