[Game] Kings @ Suns, Tuesday, Dec. 4 (6PT/9ET)


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I think another prime example of the player development approach of this coaching staff paying off. A little bit of game time opportunity, a lot of hands on help in practices, tough love/earning minutes, encouragement and communication. At the very least, it seems like the players generally understand they will not be handed minutes and will be held accountable.
As others have said, the complicating factor is if a player is on the trading block. It makes life more challenging for coach if such is the case because of the need to showcase such player regardless of minutes "earned."
He’s just not making shots. If he’s 20 years old, in prime shape and tired, then hes got problems. He should be able to run for days
It doesn’t matter if he’s not making shots. I think he’s attacking less and playing with less zip than he did a few weeks back as well.
Do you care about making the playoffs? Not saying this in a dickish way at all, I'm legitimately curious. There's certainly an argument that getting an 8 seed just to get curb-stomped by the Warriors isn't really worth it. In that case, I'd totally understand why you think Giles should be a priority play.
I think in the west the playoffs are a low probability. I predicted about a 35 win season at the start (which at the beginning of the year was highly optimistic) and I still think 35-40 is most likely. But the 8 seed in the west will take 45 wins. Long term Giles is going to be a player. He can do things Kosta can't do. In my opinion its in the Kings best interest for Giles to be getting at least 7-10 minutes a game and he can earn more from there.
Ayton's a really interesting case in that while he's put up big numbers, he's so incredibly passive and uninterested in playing defense that he's pretty much playing like rookie season Demarcus Cousins only without the burning rage that eventually made Boogie one of the top three or four big men in the league.

Any other season, his production would probably mask any of these concerns but this year Luka, JJJ, Young, Carter, and even Bagley are showing more potential and intensity than he has.
Warning signs all there were ignored cause he looked good in Ayton vs chair drills when will people learn.

That and it’s a wing/Pg game now unless the big is extremely dominate but should be a good defender as well
The play where Holmes hustled super hard for a offensive board and tapped it back past half court straight into the waiting arms of Troy Williams for a lay up summed up the game.

Glad we won but that was close to the first ever Kings win I nearly switched off the Suns looked like one of those 2nd tier Euro teams from Preseason.
I actually turned it off after the 1st, and didn't start watching again until Giles got some PT. Suns are freakin garbo.

Call me old fashioned, but I like a nice 20 point blowout. The other team can always go on a run and make it interesting. Here's to hoping we hit that sweet spot in Cleveland! ;)
It doesn’t matter if he’s not making shots. I think he’s attacking less and playing with less zip than he did a few weeks back as well.
Lol sure it matters if he’s not making shots. I am seeing a guy missing shots he generally makes. He also may not be as aggressive tbe last few games as well


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When Wiilie shows more heart and desire than you...wow!
I think it's time people let go of the WCS bashing. He's an integral part of what's happening with the Kings right now. Even if you don't think his game is perfect or that he gives exactly what you want him to, he's helping build something very special.

I just finished watching the first quarter of the game, since I wasn't able to catch it last night. All I can say is:

Love to see the quote in the Ayton interview by Morgan Wooten, former coach of DeMatha HS in Washington DC.
When I lived out east, I attended Wooten workshops at DeMatha. Some really great coaches were giving clinics at the time. Man, the Mid-Atlantic was a hotbed for coaches!
Spike, He was the local basketball God in DC. I went to his camps twice in junior high school and never forget them.
We got speeches from NBA players that had played for Wooten. Then we heard from Red Auerbach. He always smoked a cigar and made shots from half court after one bounce.

Joe Gallagher was the coach of St John's HS then and helped Wooten. One morning Coach Joe taped my ankles and we had a really great chat. Those guys not only knew basketball, but knew how to build men.

My college room mate walked on at the U of Maryland and played for Lefty Driesell. We played together in HS.