[Game] Kings @ Suns, Tuesday, Dec. 4 (6PT/9ET)

Unfortunately we won't be able to see the draft matchup #1 vs #2 but we do get a chance to see how we match up with another team that's filled with a bunch of young talent. I expect a good game and a win on the road to start this road trip. GO KINGS!
WCS gets all the grief, but Fox and Buddy have been pretty hit and miss lately as well.

I think this is a good game for all three of those guys to get back on track. Ayton will get his, the kid is a beast, but if WCS can at least stay close in points and rebounds, I'll be happy. If Fox and Buddy can give us efficient scoring, we should make mince meat of the Suns. I already know Bogs is gonna be a beast.

Shout-out to JJ, who hasn't been horrible lately! Oh, I wouldn't mind seeing some Giles out there. I missed his game against Utah. I wanna see what he can do, if he doesn't get rusty all over again rotting on the bench (ok, that was kinda over-dramatic).

Go Kings!!!
I applaud your positive comments. Kings are making real progress, there will be bumps in the road, players growth will not be linear, there will be the occasional regression before moving forward again. I despise some of the deep seated constant negativity and player bashing exhibited by the same handful of posters. Some really cross the line. Criticism of a player’s performance is one thing, but constant bashing of a player(s) and exaggerating their mistakes is an entirely different matter. Go Kings!

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The way the Suns leave the lane open for us is just so hospitable...now we just have to actually take advantage of it.