Kings interested in Lin?

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Jason Anderson: A league source tells me the @Atlanta Hawks’ primary objective ahead of the #NBA trade deadline is to “stay young” and “keep the books clean.” The Hawks remain an attractive trading partner for the @Sacramento Kings, who have reportedly shown interest in backup point guard Jeremy Lin

Ooooooo Hawks Lin and Prince Looking good , batting their eyebrows at Vlade
I read the Hawks want a younger player AND a draft pick for Prince, not sure if they meant a first or 2nd rounder
WCS, Skal and 2 seconds works for Lin and Prince.

Cuts salary for Hawks, gets us SF and another bench scorer.


I’m good with that for this year. Especially if Porter is off the table.
WCS,Yogi,Skal 9.2m all "stay young" plus 2 2nd rd picks, for Lin , Prince 16.3M No LT Salary "Keep books clean" Works on trade checker
Then sign Deandre Jordan for 3.9 mil (Balance of our Cap)

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You can view acquiring Lin as a demotion for Ferrell but that might not necessarily be the case.

One thing to take into consideration is that Lin is a combo guard and a significant bench talent. He was a 6MOTY candidate his lone season in Charlotte. He also played over 1000 minutes next to Kemba Walker. Similarly, Yogi Ferrell last year played 800 min a piece with JJ Barea and DSJ.

You could go with Yogi-Lin-Bogdan-Bagley-GIles, which is an absurdly talented bench. Considering Jackson has been putting up some stinkers and may be on the outs this may be a worthwhile trade.
I only want Lin if he comes with Prince.
Why would the Hawks trade us Prince? He's a youngish (about to turn 25) player on a rookie deal posting respectable stats playing a position of scarcity. I don't seem it happening though I would like it. For those saying we don't need Lin, he's not a replacement for Yogi. Yogi can still be a spark plug off the bench. I see Lin taking all of Jackson's minutes (20.8 MPG), who has posted a Goose Egg in 4 of the last 5 games, and making our second unit more lethal and fast-paced. Lin is big enough 6'3" 200 to check most off-guards. C'mon Vlade, make me proud!