[Game] Kings @ Grizzlies - 1/20/17 - 5PT/8ET

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Jason Jones ‏@mr_jasonjones 14m14 minutes ago
Rudy Gay came to the locker room to retrieve his belongings in a walking boot and on crutches.

First and foremost, thoughts and prayers for Rudy for a speedy and complete recovery. #GetWellRudy

Now, about the game...

The Kings are dropping like flies. Looks like the rookies will get some minutes purely through attrition.

Boogie made an interesting comment in the locker room after the Pacers game. He mentioned "finish the season for Rudy." Not sure how to say this, but if that can motivate the team it could be interesting.

Sean Cunningham ‏@SeanCunningham 27s28 seconds ago
DeMarcus Cousins said losing Rudy Gay to injury could bring Kings team closer together than before.



(Posted while I have power. Snow, wind and rain do not bode well for power lines up here in the middle of the forest.)
Why is it that every time Rudy is out, Omri is also suffering from some condition? :mad:
I wonder if he'll try to speed up his return, to help out Cuz and the team.
(Risky, if he does)
A true case of bipolar disorder...

We lost 8 of our last 10 in this last depressed period,
after winning 6 of 8 in the previous, manic, phase...


The good news? We're going on the road,
to play back-to-back,
against hungry Grizzlies and a raging Bulls,
With our 2nd best player out indefinitely,
(And the replacament in his position out for a week or two)

Think you know how it's gonna end?

It's time to predict the results of Kings game #43:
On the road vs the Grizzlies, Friday, 1/20, 5PM

List of predictors so far this season: It's never too late to start, prediction rookies :D: Predictions are accepted HERE until tip-off (in about 13 hours).
Just follow the link to the thread, and post the exact game result.

Prediction game results:
Last game's summary: View attachment 6236
Current leaderboard: View attachment 6238
Full season score sheet: View attachment 6240 [/user]
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Time for the Kings pull it together on the road. Rudy will be missed but the next man must step up. The team is passing better and is fairly deep with good role players. Those two things are interconnected because the best way for those role players to get open shots is to pass the ball.



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Hrm...according to Jim Kozimor on the pre-game show, Parsons will play. Guess we'll see who steps out on the court.

Edit: Koz just corrected himself. Said they've been told Grizzlies tweeted out that Parsons won't be playing. :p:p:p


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According to Jason Jones, starting lineup is:

Collison, Afflalo, Temple, Cousins, Koufos...

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