[KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

I mean the vast majority of NBA players are black so if a white commentator is going to have a problem with a few players, then the odds are in favor of the players being black. I thought he went way overboard with Cousins but Cousins, Barnes and Webber all had character issues so it's not like he just randomly picked them out because of their skin color. He just annoyed everyone because he wouldn't shut up about them.

Was he racist or was he just an old white guy that didn't like hip hop culture? The two are not the same in the same way that an old white guy isn't racist against white people because he doesn't like white kids wearing skinny jeans with feminine shirts and goofy haircuts. For many people, once you reach a certain age, a vast majority of younger people look and act like a bunch of goofs.
To play devils advocate here, the black players who interact with the coaches, front offices and owners who are majority non black, don't make public statements about those people being racist very often, even when they don't like them. This is a story because it is an unusual public accusation, there is more than one accuser and because Napear told on himself on social media.

If the Kings and KHTK thought they could successfully defend Grant and if they thought that was in their best interest, they would have.
Ah, yes... the old reliable, "I'm not a bigot, I have a Black friend" defense. That train's never late.
Kinda like a misogynist claiming not to be because they have sisters, a mom, a GF or wife, and several female friends.

I wonder if those that choose to ride that train also buy into Michael Vick not being an animal abuser because he owned, fed, and cared for lots of dogs.
Arms look better but the legs are still skinny as hell and it’s legs that hold post position.
He'll always have spangly legs and that's what gives him is insanely quick jump. Very few atr players can also "hold the post" in the way you hope. Even AD get's most of his points by sheer size and skill, not post power.
And from what photos did you deduce that his legs are "still skinny as hell"? You may or may not be right, but I'm curious if your statement has any substance, or if you just can't help but be a contrarian.
from the group pick his thighs and calf’s still look pretty thin. Shoulders and biceps look good but thighs still seem like they could use some muscle.


The Game Thread Dude
Some light hearted "shout out" to our guys ... you know back when we actually played fast.

The ultimate irony of the whole thing is that Joerger accidentally made the Fox/Hield backcourt into one of the better duos in the league all in the process of trying to showcase Buddy to get him traded from the team.