[Game] Kings @ Celtics - Thursday, March 14 - 4:30PT/7:30ET

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Kings are + 8 tonight. I'm taking that and tripling down on the Kings. Plus another bet on the ML.

Bags is back. Kings will win. He solves our match up issues with Boston. Time will tell.
I love pie, but I really love Pi. One of the most important numbers in the Universe. Right up there with the Golden Section.
Its almost St Paddy's Day. The Kings will have their hands full with Boston again. They are long and athletic and can run. They make few mistakes.
I believe Grant and Doug just said Bjelica at the starting 4 and Barnes at the starting 3.

Our success is simple. Take our early season blueprint and add an effective small forward (Barnes) and supercharged bench (Bagley, Bogi, Giles, Brewer, Yogi/Burks) .

We absolutely can push for the playoffs
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