[Game] Kings at Grizzlies, Friday May 14th, 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern)

Lou King has now officially scored half of his NBA points in this game.
And they are coming from everywhere. JJ last night was kind of on the borderline of exploiting the middle pick and roll. Tonight they've pressure him out of shots, however King is taking what the defense is giving him and doing it all right now.
Yeah, they took the middle away from James tonight. When watching some of his games at Wyoming that was basically his game, get into the middle. His spot shot has come along late and he plays really good defense so that's going to be his shot at sticking in the league.
Hard to not be excited about McNair's talent evaluation. Nailed the Hali pick obviously, but Wright, Davis, Metu, Harkless, Jones all look like they can be NBA contributors/rotation guys moving forward and got them off the scrap heap. King obviously with the big game, but his archetype is really exciting if he can build off this performance.

We still gotta see what he does with the core guys, but I'm more confident that we're finally in the hands of a professional GM for the first time in a long time.
And now I just learned that the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee was turned into the Sacramento Music Festival and ceased entirely in 2017, which explains why I am a nobody on social media :oops:

that sorta bums me out