Josh Smith?

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From Twitter:
Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) June 24, 2014
One source insists nothing imminent, but I'm told Pistons and Kings have discussed a trade that would send Josh Smith to Sacramento trade that would send Josh Smith to Sacramento...

One potential scenario, I'm told, would send Smith to Kings for Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams. Jason Terry might be another option...

No word deal is imminent (yet) but Sacramento's well-known fondness for Rajon Rondo would help explain Kings' interest in his buddy JSmoove

Yes please!!!
I don't know about you guys, but this makes sense! We need a shot-blocking/athletic big? JSmooth fits the bill. On top of that, he and Gay are good buddies with Mr. Rondo? I like this idea that's brewing...
As I wrote in the other thread, I'm down with this if it doesn't involve the pick.

Rondo and Smith... Well, we would need shooters, but this is a problem I'd like to have.
I haven't watched Smith since he became a Piston but I know he has made one All-Defensive team. Of course, thism may not tell the whole story, but is he a good defender?



EDIT: lol @rexb_kings beat me to it

Actually, if we got Rondo it would probably be McLemore + 8th pick... Nonetheless... :eek:
Pistons fans sound like they would be thrilled with this, regardless of what comes back. It's an ugly contract for a guy that has really struggled to accept his limitations.
I'm hesitant to make this deal without Rondo, to say the least.

However, If PDA could make it Landry and Williams I am all in. With or without Rondo. All the national media guys can poke fun at the Kings, and that's fine, but if you're going to try and tell me Carl Landry and Derrick Williams for Josh Smith, on this team, in this market, isn't a smart gamble than I don't want to listen to you anymore.

The fact that these players keep getting moved proves how moveable they are. Trading for Josh Smith isn't a death sentence. He's only going to get more moveable as his contract rolls on. If he is toxic you move him for some other Landry/Williams type package.

Besides, Landry makes more sense from the Kings perspective. With Smith being undersized, having a full sized PF / C swing guy is a lot more valuable. I don't know how this effects what the Hawks would do, but I'd try and get Landry in there instead.

Of course, the end goal is Rondo, but dealing for Smith alone while giving up literally nothing of value makes some sense. We'd still have #8 and McLemore to deal with, even if Rondo isn't moving.

My guy tells me both Rondo and Smith could be on there way here, though. And while each player will need to sacrifice some of their own personal scoring, that team could be dangerous. If any point guard can make everyone happy, its Rondo.
The deal that I read was put forward was JT & D-Will for Smith. Then the Pistons said they want JT and Jet for his expiring contract.

But i've also read that the deal is dead in the water right now.
Would the idea be to trade for Rondo as well or will it be used as an attempt to lure him in FA? #8 for Afflalo and #12 would be a nice deal to shape the roster or it could be potentially disastrous. Next offseason, you sign Rondo and you have the following team below


Would that team be able to share the ball and compete? I honestly have no idea, but it would be interesting to see how it unfolds.
Every time I read the Piston boards when it pertains to Josh Smith, they seem to love the idea of getting rid of him for peanuts. I would think they would be all over any combination of JT, Jet, Dwill and Landry. I'm surprised this trade isn't gaining more traction.
In a front court containing Gay, Smith, and Cousins, it is definitely possible that all three get their fair share of touches and be happy on offense. Two things need to happen, though. One, get a Rondo-like PG (a point guard that can impact the game multiple ways and loves to share the ball). Second, the SG should be a 3-and-D type of guy. If we pick up the aforementioned type of PG through FA or draft, McLemore can obviously develop into this role. If we trade him away and get Rondo, we can look in FA where there are guys like Thabo Sefolosho.

For the SG, I would go with the latter path for a win-now road. Plus, waiting on a rookie could take years and potentially not happen at all.

So potentially:

Not sure how I feel about this one! We get a shotblocker a d a player who can do a bit of everything. On the other, you get an overpaid chucker who likes to jack up stupid shots.

Now similar thing was getting mentioned about Rudy when we got him but we did our homework and put him in the spots where he is most effective.

Smith plays his best ball at PF but in the west he is undersized at the position. He would be coming up against the likes of Randolph, Dirk, Pau, Aldridge, Davis etc which is a mismatch.

I can see the thinking behind it from Kings perspective and to a degree I agree with it but I am not sure if it will work out all that well! Then again, Smith would be the best shot blocker we would have had for years. Can do a bit of everything else except shoot from distance :p
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