Grade Joerger and the coaching staff for player development.

How would you grade player development for coach Joerger and the other coaching staff?

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Ok, I've seen quite a few thoughts on the coach recently about all sorts of things from rotations, Hield, plays at the end of the game etc.

I'm curious about how everyone feels about our recent development of our prospects no matter what you think of all that.

So let's keep this simply on how our prospects have developed post the Cousins trade.

Poll open for 70 days, you can change your mind later if you like.


But, you know, a high B. 88%!

I'm nitpicking, and I won't argue with anyone giving coach an "A", but I'd say that Joerger isn't doing a good job helping fringe NBA guys stick (a la Pop), we've had a lot of our later picks wash out. But that's super common (unless you're Pop). Like I said, I'm nitpicking!

All of the core draftees (plus Buddy) have definitely improved! And as far as Fox, Giles, and Bagley go, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg!

Impatient folk get mad that Joerger isn't throwing prospects into the deep end to sink or swim, but I think the results speak for themselves!
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gotta go with a solid A. Some prospects didn't work out here but the important thing is that the development of the core players are going in an upward trajectory and so quickly too, that's all credit to Dave and his staff for bringing his players along faster than we've anticipated.
Voted A. Really more of an A-Minus as Joerger and staff have not been perfect but still very good.

I do wish that Joerger and Co. had kept developing Willie. He's still far from a finished product. I'm still trying to figure out how WCS had a 12-14' jumper in his first two seasons and now he can't shoot from more than 5' from the basket. Willie's low post game is also non existent. The answer to this riddle is most likely Willie himself.

Buddy, Fox, Bagley, and somewhat Giles have all thrived under Joerger and continue to get better.
Voted B

Positives: Development of Fox, development of Bagley, Development of Buddy, development of Jackson

Negatives: WCS has regressed as a shooter, Giles holds the ball at the elbow afraid to shoot, Bogdan has regressed, Skal never developed.

By all accounts, Joerger and his staff care about the players. Their development arc seems to be well thought out and incremental, and I appreciate that because it's a long view approach in an environment that encourages short views.

I've been super impressed by Buddy's ascent, and Giles return from not playing for years. Giles has looked awesome lately, and it's a joy to see as he obviously doesn't take being on the court for granted. Not only did he have to rehab his body, but his mind even more so. By next season, Giles will be closer to his full arsenal as his gets more and more comfortable in game settings and the game slows down even more.
Joerger seems very good at developing player that has very good potential (e.g. Fox, Hield, Giles). On the other side, he has done little with our lower draft picks (Papa, Malachi, Skal, and Bruno).


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Joerger seems very good at developing player that has very good potential (e.g. Fox, Hield, Giles). On the other side, he has done little with our lower draft picks (Papa, Malachi, Skal, and Bruno).
A couple of things:
1. Bruno was drafted by the Raptors, not the Kings.
2. It was pretty clear to anyone with a pulse early on that Papa wasn't exactly what we had hoped he might be. He was given lots of chances.
3. Malachi and Skal were replaced in our lineup by better players. Their potential was limited to begin with IMHO. They were given opportunities but are you really saying you think they're better than what we currently have?


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Great development coach—it’ll cost the TWolves a protected first to get him. They need a miracle worker for Wiggins.
I'd bet money Joerger isn't going anywhere. There's no coach out there right now I'd rather see leading the Kings, and I think it's pretty clear Vlade feels the same way. Sure, Joerger is from Minnesota but he's made a home here and he's really tight with the players, the front office AND he's hungry to see how far he can take the Kings.