Free agency question


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Okay, guys. Put your thinking caps on. I got a question for someone who is new to following the NBA and I simply do not have the time (nor requisite knowledge TBH) to answer him/her. I figure some of you can do a lot better than I could. Here's the question:

Well, I still need some info so that I can join discussions. As i wrote once, 15 years of non-following NBA is behind me.

Can you write to me, or post me a link, about most loved free agents franchises, not by some current status or cap space, but overall.

Who are those biggest markets, smallest markets, size of a fanbase, where star players absolutely don't want to live (Minnesota, Denver?) and play?
Miličić, for example, described Memphis as an absolutely depressive place...

If you can rank them in echelons or something. Ok two LA clubs are on top of the list, Knicks, Golden State... Biggest cities, California factor...

and of course, where is Sac?
I know if anyone can help our new fan, it's some of you.


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just a couple of franchises of the top of my head I can think of where I wouldn't want to play as a player is Indiana, Detroit, Utah, Charlotte, Minnesota, Memphis. you have to keep in mind with some of these US cities, players are looking for lifestyle too especially those who don't have significant others and children to settle down with. The appeal for a big city will always be there because there is just more to do with your leisure time but that really is applicable only a few months of the year considering all the travel these players deal with from October to April and on if they make the Playoffs.