Eastern Conference Finals, BOS(3) versus Miami (5)

Who wins, and in how many?

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Jimmy Butler is operating on another level. Defense is insane, and he seems to always be setting up the offense, even by making sure Dragic and Herro get their turns bringing the ball up. Bam is obviously having an incredible series. In the small ball era it’s impressive seeing a center dominating so effortlessly around the rim (even tho he’s obviously smaller than the centers of yore). In the postgame Jimmy also shouted out Duncan Robinson continuing to shoot - one of the remarkable things beyond his story is continuing to bury 3’s in the postseason. How many 3 point specialists just run cold late in the playoffs? It’s a lot.

this Miami team is the real deal and a ton of fun to watch. Jimmy Butler seems like a genuinely great dude and it’s awesome to see him finally getting success at this level after how crazy his career has been up to this
Heat getting it done with 1 Star and then a bunch of role playing vets and mid round draft picks and a hell of a coach/system/philosophy. Wish we could just try And follow that blueprint and maybe get to .500
In game one of this series Bam killed it with one play. Game two Goran Dragic was on fire. The constant is Butler and the solid defense. Robinson, Herro, Crowder.......just the whole squad are playing great. Spo is a top level coach.

Still Boston is a solid well coached squad with lots of talent. The Heat have to remain focused on stopping them on each possession.
Miami's current starting five draft slots

Dragic - 45th pick
Butler - 30th pick
Crowder - 34th pick
Robinson - Undrafted
Bam - 14th pick

In a season where they don't have to face Durant/Irving & Steph/Klay it goes to show you that so many things have to go your way for a team to even get into the NBA Finals and eventually win it
The thing is if you analyze what each team faces to win it all you will find some key player (players) they would have faced was out with injury every season. Certainly the GSW have had some easy paths. The first that comes to mind is Zaza running under The Claws ankle. Of course CWebb going down in Dallas in 03 is one we Kings Fans can't forget. There are many others.

Bottom line, a team can only play the teams they face.