Dwight Howard?

Should we try to get Dwight Howard?

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Getting Dwight Howard? Why? There's no guarantee he could get us to the playoffs. The Hawks would demand some of the kids and I, for one, am NOT willing to go down that freaking road again. We blew up the clown. Getting Howard would be like trying to glue it back together, but without all the pieces.

No way, no how.

And I'm gonna add a poll...


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If his hometown team are willing to trade him away after one season because they've seen he can't be a difference maker anymore and take them to that next level, then what is he going to do for us?

Cousins only helped us past the 30-win mark once in his career. A player currently at that peak and in dominant form. I have serious doubts that Howard at this stage of his career could help us to a greater win total. He would be more of a liability than anything and I'd rather roll with what we've currently got at center and let them develop.


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Dwight Howard aint nothing on Papa.

He never reached his potential and i dont want him near our kids given that is the direction we are going.


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Article Tuesday online from Atlanta sports writer said Howard no longer has any value. No way for him uut here.


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pulled over for speeding, driving under a suspended registration and driving without insurance before their most recent playoff loss.

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Looks like the Hawks are looking to move him. Can we probably get him...I mean it would be a way for Vlade to not look stupid with the Demarcus move...although some of you might be against it but for me anything to make us get to the playoffs would be good.
Think they are regretting letting Al Horford go? Horford is the perfect 5 for the type of basket ball the current rules and officiating allow. See the Celtics as exhibit A.


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Kareem stating today that Dwight wasn't interested in working with him during his time at the lakers and wasnt really interested in working at all to better himself.

Compared him to Andrew Bynum who he said when switched on was worlds ahead.

Finished off by stating that he wasnt sure what Dwights deal was but he couldnt figure out what he was doing beyond meandering his way through the league


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Long ago Howard was the best athlete in the NBA and best defender about a decade ago....slowly his poor attitude and mental lapses have caught up to his older and more ailing body. Now he is closer to role player. No the Kings ought to steer clear - way clear.