DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay to the Celtics for .......

Who thinks this would be a smart trade for the Kings?

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So less return for multiple years of Boogie than 1 year of Love... by a ton... plus you throw in Rudy Gay. I feel like this is trolling.


Maybe we should trade Rudy to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas since we need a wait..Thanks PDA
The time to trade Cousins to Boston would have been before the draft.

#3, Brooklyn's pick next year, Avery Bradley and possibly another pick (#16? Boston's 2017 first?) is what I would've asked for.


With Gay & Koufos traded separately.
Sadly, I saw a news story that reported this as an "official rumor", so it deserves discussion. The discussion it deserves is ..... no. Never. Absolutely not. No way.
DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay to the Celtics for Kelly Olynyk, Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, James Young, and 2017 Brooklyn swap draft pick.
The issue with Brooklyn's pick is they aren't going to try and tank this year. They have no incentive to and have brought players in to help them win games. Maybe it's not enough, but if they finish late in the lottery, or even sneak in as an 8th seed, it reduces the value of that pick significantly. So unless they suck despite their additions, it might not land us a franchise changing player.

In terms of the players Bradley and Crowder would be good two additions to our line up. Though ideally I'd let them keep Kelly and Young and want Smart in return, plus Brooklyn's 2018 first round pick and Memphis' 2019 first round pick to even spend a minute thinking about it. But ultimately I'd say no thanks and put the phone down on this deal...


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ok, comical as such a proposal may have been, its also irresponsible to let such nonsense percolate, so I'll take the 49-3 poll as a good enoguh answer to the initial question, and close this one up now.
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