California Classic Game 3 Kings vs Lakers 7/3/19

Justin James is going to be a baller for the Kings. He’s going to be very similar to another Wyoming great Larry Nance Jr. He’s going to find his place on the roster, and do a bunch of little things that don’t necessarily stand out, until you look at the stat sheet at the end of the night. He’s a great, versatile all around player
Naturally, I agree with you about the rarity of a Nash situation. But the point was, if a lottery pick could take a while to develop and eventually did — then so could anyone. Especially a 2nd round pick coming in without the same fanfare or lofty expectations.

In short, fans expect too much right away. Just because a player doesn’t look much like one right away doesn’t mean they won’t be one. I fully remember Dirk Nowitzki not looking like much of a player his 1st season and he was a top 10 pick.
Yeah on ESPN this morning they must have had someone on there that worked in the Jazz front office years ago because he said years ago he got a call from the GM after after summer league and he said "I think I just drafted a bust" after watching how horrible Derrick Favors looked during the summer.