Buying Kings Apparel

I can't find Kings gear anywhere in the Bay Area. No matter which sports apparel store I go into, basketball items are like 90% Warriors, with a sprinkling of others. But never Kings. I legit found all of one Kings shirt, and it was basic - solid purple with just "Kings". Hell, there's more Lakers than Kings even.

Guess I'm gonna have to order some stuff off the Internet. Who do you think is the safest player jersey to order?

Fox? Bagley?. I feel like Fox has the highest chance of staying long term.

Any suggestions on where to order from?
As far a player jerseys go I suggest ordering wherever you can get the cheapest deal.

That a shame about finding general merchandise. Every Target in the Sacramento region that I've been to has Kings shirts just hanging next to all the Giants stuff, more so this year than others. A couple years back Warriors stuff was outnumbering the Kings gear so I would just hang some Kings gear in front of it.