Bryce Brown, Green Shoes, Summer League.

Coach Christie needs to get Bryce Brown a few more minutes. Plays very agressive on defense, made a transision 3 in under 3 seconds. Catch & shoot 3. And isolation 3. He’s undersized but the heart of a champion. He shoots as well as anyone on this roster. 384 made 3s in college 2nd sec history. Against Miami tuesday come in in a 2 point game & went up by 13 on 8 points. Against the lakers yesterday he came in up 1 in 3rd. Fueled the team to go up by 21 on 12 points. The guy can bury the 3s like Steph, Ray, Peja. All the greats. He needs work, but the kid needs more minutes. & nobody roars like Auburn nation.
Welcome to the board Bryce Brown :)

Seriously though, he's been doing what we hoped Kyle Guy would do. Not that Kyle hasn't been playing decent, it's just Bryce has been very efficient when he's been on the court. He's caught my attention for sure and he's obviously played much better than Justin James up until this point.

If there's one thing we've all notice from summer league, it's that most of these guys can't shoot the long ball to save their lives so having Brown out there has been a pleasant surprise.
Yes im glad you noticed. Seems like twitter page has too. Kyle guy is the man. Bryce brown needs to be the other piece. The other gaurds are good, but none in the summer league is gonna shoot the 3 like bryce including guy. & ive yet to see anyone play as agressive on D. 3 more assists last night if mika makes his dunks.
I'm not impressed with Brown. If his shot isn't falling, he doesn't have much going for him. Quickness, yes, but there's a lot of wasted motion in his kind of quickness. He may be a G League candidate, though. But not in Stockton, please.