Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

The Kings hired Igor Kokoskov as a lead assistant after the Suns fired him as their head coach. I have to imagine that the backup plan is to elevate him to head coach if the need arises.

Not my ideal choice but I don't see another real option unless the investigation ends soon, allowing the Kings to hire a new head coach if need be.
Actually, if style play and coaching lineage is anything Igor might have a better grasp than Walton on how to run the offense. I do not want to see Walton run a lot of what he did prior to LeBron in LA because it's fairly close to what Dave Joerger ran 2 years ago. Not as space crunching but there was a lot of jumble in the paint. This team needs to space and pace, not run 15 seconds off the shotclock looking for cutters every single play.
The longer it goes on with no new news, the greater the probability that nothing will come out of it. IMO, the NBA investigation would have come up with something by now if there was a there there.
It's been crickets since this was announced up until the latest batch of news with Walton denying even writing the foreword for the book. If there's any truth to that denial it probably kills any ounce of credibility Tennant has.