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    Twitter drama (split)

    That's a big increase in salary then. I wonder just how many PBP guys across the country have the same gig? I bet most do. Wheels has a show in Portland i believe.
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    Twitter drama (split)

    Very simple.... two different audiences. I could go on a rant after reading this rediculous thread but I won't... Grant is in the top percentile of announcers(along with Gman). He is also a very good radio show host. He has a blind spot with regards to the Kings. This is well known. His...
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    Playing to Win Tour: Carmichael Dave on the Road

    Anybody catch CD's MIL writing on the PTW tour?
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    Maloofs Have Given til 5PM Friday for Back Up Offer From Sac Group!!

    Good ole Monty.... One of the worst gasbags and least talented hacks in the history of radio... And that says a lot. Leave it to him to pull something out of his ... tailpipe.
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    Long live the Kings?

    Our Citys "alternative" newspaper has an article out Long live the Kings? Sacramento tends to fail when it comes to public subsidies and arenas. And Seattle's offer is a slam dunk. Yet K.J.'s mastered the NBA game. Will Sac get Maloofed again, or does the mayor win one final buzzer beater...
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    Playing to Win Tour: Carmichael Dave on the Road

    #4 may have been the best yet. I loved seeing Carmichael Melissa at the city council meeting.
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    From a Seattle fan

    Expansion will not happen. The owners do not want to give up more money from the TV/Radio/Jerseys, etc.
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    From a Seattle fan

    they don't want to add another slice to the pie. Another slice is less money in owners pockets.
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    Nice LA Times Article from today.

    errrr... yesterday. Sacramento mayor directs offense in fight to retain NBA's Kings,0,7567754.column
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    Hansen agrees to price for Cook's piece of the Kings

    He said he got it from somebody who got it from the Maloofs. Said it on Fox40. After Mikes twitter then they moved a few Kings fans who got tix from Gavin. Here is the story.
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    Here We Buy - 10,000+ and counting!!!

    9789. 211 to go!!
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    [Grades] Grades v. Lakers 03/30/2013

    He looked very unhappy when the camera panned him with about 2 minutes to go. I thought he was ready to cry.
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    [Game] Kings v. Lakers - 3/30/13

    Um... The fact that you cannot see the clear difference makes me wonder if you need glasses. TD barely leaned. DMC definitely did.
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    [Game] Kings v. Lakers - 3/30/13

    Eh, No.