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Sorry, Mr. Citrus, but I had to restart this thread. I posted something in the thread while the old kingsfans was still up and I never got to see your reply, so... here's my first question (For new members, this is a thread in which mr. slim citrus, a respected member of this forum, answers your questions, you could also get input from other members):

Dear Mr. Citrus,

I am going home this weekend to see my boyfriend. He is orignally from another country and he told me that he would cook me dinner. He's going to cook me a dish from his culture. I enjoy trying new things but I fear that I can't because I get sick form almost everything I eat. Just last week I broke out in hives from Hawaiin bread (sweet, delicious, hawaiin bread). I get food poisoning very easily because I have such a weak stomach. What should I do? Suck it up and eat his food and throw it up later, or make an excuse as to why I can't make it to his dinner. Just to make matters worse, I've been making up excuses for a long time to get out of eating dinner at his house or at a restaraunt that I've never heard of with him. I think he's starting to suspect me. Any sugestions are welcome. Thanks.

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Dear Nauseous:

There's no reason either to suck it up or to keep making excuses; just be honest about it. Tell him that you have a weak stomach, that a lot of foods make you sick, and that you need to be mindful of what you eat; I can't imagine that, if he is, in fact, "the one," that he wouldn't understand that.

As far as you breaking out in hives from eating Hawaiian bread, it sounds as if you may not even be certain of exactly what you are allergic to; you may want to consult with a specialist and find out.

You're Welcome,

PS - Don't apologize for restarting this thread; I frankly would have done it myself, but I was worried that it might come off as overly self-serving...
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Dear Mr. Slim -
It has been suggested that we make sure this thread continues as the place for KF members to come with their problems, even though you're going to be out at sea and might not be able to answer as quickly as before.

It's my understanding that you'll still be able to check the board at least once or twice a day. If you were Slim (which, BTW, you are) would you still have the time to check on your fellow KF members and give them the advice they so desperately need?

Signed, Just Wondering


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I agree. If he has to take a brief respite from the duties of WWSD, we can cross that bridge then...