what was the last movie you watched?

Oh, I really enjoyed it and intend to see it in the theater again. My quibbles (mostly just personal preferences and not technical) have more to do with things like:

Turning Thor into a bit of a putz - I thought that was a bit much. Really, a fat slob playing video games???

Killing off Black Widow - I know why they did what they did in that scene, but I really liked her character and the role she played in the team - that was a bummer for me. I'm really looking forward to her solo movie. I knew Iron Man and Captain America were basically going to be out after a decade of films, and that's fine.

I was hoping Captain Marvel would get a little more screen time, but given her late introduction into an already somewhat overstuffed franchise, I can see why they are "pacing" her a bit right now in the Avengers team-ups as she will likely be more involved in future movies.

Just little stuff.
Totally get it. Especially your first spoiler point. But he was still a badass when the chips were down!
La llorona I wouldn't recommend it though. It's more of a one time movie to pass time but I thought they should have made the story longer and more of a film if that makes sense.


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I was going through a box of DVDs this afternoon and found one I had never gotten around to watching. I just finished it and I'm very glad to have it in my collection.

15:17 to Paris - As long as we have young people like Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone, the future is in good hands. Incredibly proud of these young men from Sacramento.
Have been going thru Robert Altman's stuff, really gained a ton of appreciation for his 'signature style';

Vince & Theo(1990) -- Way underrated. Very good flick. Starring Tim Roth (about Vincent Van and his relationship with his brother)

The Long Goodbye(1973) --- Masterpeice. John Williams score!

The Player (1992) --- Way underrated gem from the 90's, one of my 10 favorite films from the decade. Starring Tim Robbins with a list of Cameo's u gotta see to believe. Extremely well-written and shot.

McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) --- Gritty western, I liked it. The score is enchanting.

Gosford Part (2001) -- Why didnt i see this earlier?! Netflix has it, one of the better films on there. loved it.

Theives like Us (1974) - Wasn't bad, but I like the others better.