Welcome PJ Dozier

PJ Dozier sure is a funny way of spelling Demarcus Cousins
Unfortunately, if this Dozier signing is any indication of the FO thinking, DMC is probably not on the table.

Listening to Brown discussing the lack of defense and this FO move, they are probably looking for back up defensive guys right now, not necessarily offensive guys, which likely means DMC is off the table.
Love it!!!

PJ Dozier famously played many years with a torn ACL back in highschool.. So he hurts his knee at a camp Junior year doctors examine him and say we cant even find an ACL...

He's a guy whos draft stock plummeted because of injury concerns so I always rooted for him. Always liked his game too, smart player, I'm hazey on if he's a "coaches son" but he plays with that sort of "coaches son" type of headiness. He has real combo guard skills too just not much of a shooter.
PJ Dozier already prove to me tonight as I suggested why he should get some real minutes on the court. Look at his fundamental, his help defense...his boxing out when the ball is in the air...all these things that EVEN some of the Kings starters or bench don't do or failed to do on the court. It's the little things that can win you games. This guy is too good not to get minutes. Look at his athleticism, his length, defense, recognizing team defensive help, boxing out and passing. How can he not any minutes? If Mitchell, who isn't that great a shooter can get minutes due to his defense...there is no doubt Dozier should see some playing time as well. If anything, he's like Opala except more athleticism and ability to do a lot more on the court offensively. I was hoping to see him get some real minutes on the court, not the garbage minutes. Oh well, maybe next time once he learned the offense.
4 days left in the second 10 day contract. I'm curious if McNair signs Dozier for the rest of the season or opens up the roster spot to look for some post trade deadline options.